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Smart Economy


Supported by the University of Lyon, the cluster of IMU brings together almost 535 researchers (from 31 laboratories) as well as many communities and business partners. The LabEx IMU contributes to making the Lyon Saint-Etienne metropolis ne of the leading scientific clusters in France and Europe on issues related to cities and urban environments. It makes its resources available to political, economic and social players who are thinking about and designing the city of tomorrow.

Riihimäki, the Capital of Robotics

The town of Riihimäki bases its strategy on robotics for developing an attractive business environment. Since robotics has been selected as the strategic focus area for the town, the authorities are committed to long-term development and implementation of robotics in a wide range of life and working environments. To ensure implementation, it is necessary to have an open atmosphere so that stakeholders, including citizens, business actors and town authorities, can participate in robotics development and innovation activities.

Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a multi-faceted nonprofit with an event and collaborative working space, located in the heart of Denver. They convene and mobilize our network of non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, government agencies, academic institutions and community members to collaboratively create sustainability-focused solutions. They are explorers and innovators—working at the leading edge of sustainability to support a healthy planet, a strong democracy, and a thriving economy. The Alliance Center does not work alone.They create solutions through the strength of partnerships.

Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Sustainable Developments

On December 12, 2016, the Port of Cleveland's Board of Directors approved a resolution adopting an Updated Strategic Plan for 2017-2022. The Port fosters job creation and economic vitality in Greater Cleveland. Our maritime services and assets add value and result in a competitive advantage for regional firms competing globally.  The Port also tackles challenges tied directly to jobs, quality of place, and environmental sustainability through innovative development financing services and selective public investments in critical harbor projects.

Smarter DC

The Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) is leading an interagency effort to explore how “smart city” technology can be used in the District. Smart city technology leverages intelligent city infrastructure, including connected devices, sensors, and data analytics, to improve quality of life for residents, enhance economic growth, and address city challenges.

European Investment Project Portal

The EIPP is a central EU project promoting platform which aims to create a bridge between EU project promoters and investors. The Portal seeks to boost the visibility of existing EU investment opportunities. EU project promoters can reach potential investors worldwide, while investors who are looking for investment opportunities in areas such as energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing are offered a broad choice of viable projects.

Catapult Programme

The Catapult centres are a network of world-leading centres designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. The Catapult network was established by Innovate UK.

Oslo Airport City

Oslo Airport City will complement, reinforce and create synergies between the value adding establishments that already exist in the area, and be the driving force and engine to build a new city directly connected to OSL – Norway’s largest and Scandinavia’s second largest airport.

Citizen Innovation

All too often, smart city projects focus solely on technical solutions while failing to consider the input and impact on citizens. MK:Smart has turned this on its head and put citizens at the centre of smart city innovation, thus ensuring a bottom-up, community-driven input to the design of the project activities, complementing the top-down specification developed by the project team.

Greater Copenhagen Collaboration

Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that spans Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden. The 85 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to 4.3 million inhabitants and Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees. The region offers world class research facilities and a creative business environment with access to the markets of two countries. Greater Copenhagen aims to be the leading metropolis in Northern Europe in terms of attracting and retaining international investments, companies, tourism and talent.