The company washes cars sustainably, quickly and
conveniently. In 2019, it was the only company in
Europe to open a new market, providing an innovative
and sustainable solution to the car wash problems
of individuals in large cities. With just a few clicks on
Cleango, a member of staff is on their way to the
customer’s car being parked, to make it shine on
the spot. With more and more cars, waiting times
at car washes are increasing, self-service solutions
are inconvenient and seriously damaging to the
environment. It is a water-wasting activity, with a
market using hazardous chemicals, and its negative
environmental impact is a growing concern worldwide.
It has become Hungary’s number one mobile car wash
and is looking to extend this green, 21st century trend to
the whole region.

Unlike a conventional car wash, which uses over 100
litres of clean water, Cleango uses only 3-4 decilitres
of water to clean cars, and the detergent they use is
100% biodegradable, without harming the environment.
There is no water run-off during the wash, as all the dirt
is removed in a dissolved state in
microfibre cloths.