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Smart Economy

Vilawatt project

The local government of Viladecans, in Barcelona, set up an energy company based on citizen participation to promote the shift to environmentally friendly power sources and the renovation of homes to make them more energy efficient. In addition, a digital currency was created to reward people for saving energy. The money could be spent at businesses in their area to boost the local economy. The wider goal was to ensure the sustainable use of resources in a socially just community in which citizens play an active role.

EHang's Smart Logistics Ecosystem

Based on big data, EHang's smart logistics ecosystem uses cloud computing and autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs) to build the aerial logistics network via air transportation. The difficulties in delivering goods to urban and rural areas, industrial parks and islands will be solved and a more intelligent and convenient shopping environment will thus be created. EHang logistics AAVs will fly along with the pre-programmed route, and complete the  pre-programmed task. There is no need for manual intervention over the course, improving the delivery efficiency.

Plastic Bank - Social Plastic

The Plastic Bank is a global organisation. It is fighting to end plastic pollution and its devastating impact on the marine environment in particular. Central to its mission is the critical argument that the first thing that needs doing is to cut off the supply of plastic entering our oceans.  The vast majority of plastic entering our oceans is in the developing world and one of the key drivers is poverty.

Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform

SAFE was created with the mindset that through strategic partnerships and the implementation of projects in Latin America, resources, and experiences dedicated to promote, design, and implement sustainability practices can be optimized and have a greater impact in transforming coffee and cocoa landscapes. Their structure allows them to work on local, national, regional, and international stages addressing the specific challenges and opportunities present at each level.

Arthur - virtual office

The majority of people want more flexibility on how and where they work. Many also prefer a mix of remote and office-based work models. Arthur is a virtual office space that allows people and teams to meet, collaborate, and manage work — all in Virtual Reality.

The company think, that the future of work is personal, agile and fully digital.

Benefits of Arthur:

The Government of Malta support work from home

One of the key policy areas that the Maltese Government has addressed as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic was remote working, which, together with other flexible working arrangements, was already gaining traction prior to the crises. Encouraging people to work from home, limiting interactions between different households, and stopping meetings at the workplace were important mitigation measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus.