Nexogen logistics decision support software

Nexogen logistics decision support software

Nexogen Ltd. focuses on the development and introduction optimization software catering to the needs of external logistics companies, adapting the software to real operating processes. The implementation tasks are supported by dedicated digital consultants. Among the developed functions the most important ones are route and itinerary planning with special rules, as well as fleet management and assignment of transport tasks. The entire operation of large companies can be optimized with the help of special, holistic decision support software.

The holistic decision support software of Nexogen Ltd. optimizes the road logistics planning and transport execution processes, thus reducing the environmental impact of the supply chains. The systems place great emphasis on the use of intermodal technologies, such as more environmentally friendly rail and waterborne transport. The holistic optimization software was implemented with the support of the Hungarian State and the European Union, project identification number: GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00078.