Power to Gas - carbon neutral synthetic natural gas production

Power to Gas - carbon neutral synthetic natural gas production

Power-to-gas (P2G) is an emerging, cutting-edge technology, which is able to produce synthetic natural gas (SNG) from green hydrogen and CO2 that can come from a variety of sources, such as biogas, fermentation off-gas or captured from single point emitters such as power and industrial plants. SNG can be used for low-carbon heating, transport and industrial applications. In addition, once SNG is injected into existing natural gas pipelines, it can be used as a form of energy storage. By using CO2 as an input, our technology is contributing to the decarbonisation and addresses climate challenges.

Based on its strong R&D background, Power-to-Gas Hungary Kft. aims to design and deliver technologically advanced, industrial scale power-togas (P2G) facilities and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) solutions with a strong focus on innovation drivers of local markets (e.g. hydrogen economy). As technology developer, we would like to commercialize our innovations by selling these solutions across European countries.