Continest - office containers

Continest - office containers

Continest units have been manufactured and developed in Hungary since 2017. This innovation consists of easy-to-fold and open containers allow five Continest units to be transported in place of a standard rigid-frame office container. The economically transportable system is competitive in all respects with traditional rigid frame solutions, but the logistical cost and environmental burden of building mobile infrastructure are reduced by 80% due to the innovation. Continest Technologies Ltd. is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, which means taking responsibility for Continest products and business activities.

Continest is the ideal solution for all businesses and projects with large-scale temporary office or accommodation needs (festivals, sporting events, industrial, energy and infrastructure projects, healthcare infrastructure, disaster management, defence auxiliary tasks). When developing containers which integrate innovative technologies, Continest pays special attention to the end user’s activities and needs. The containers offer various services such as electricity supply, solar panel systems, wet-block units, and ballistic systems developed for the defence industry.