TeIR (National Regional Development and Spatial Planning Information System)

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TeIR (National Regional Development and Spatial Planning Information System)

The territorial development and spatial planning are activities that have a significant impact on our environment and habitat. It is important that working on the development concepts, programs and settlement plans, and during political decision making progress must be exactly known the demographic, social, economic, environmental parameters. The data in sectors mentioned above are territorial aspects related. During the development and planning tasks the sector information need to be examined with fixed locations and synthetized with one other because only in this way can we make well-established analyzes. Appropriate decisions can make only on carefully prepared programs and plans bases. The GIS based information systems are suitable for storing located information, visualizing quickly and analysing complex data, therefore, it is essential requirement using GIS system in the latest information systems. The aim of TeIR is to provide information for the central, regional and local administrative bodies, other legal entities, companies without legal personality and natural person about the country's population, economy, built, landscape and natural environment of the state, territorial characteristics, and making comperations within European Union. It provides information by displaying data, indicators, analysis, plans, maps and other documents. It gives help for govermnetal, regional, county, sub-regional, municipal bodies for preparing and making social, economic, environmental decisions during preparing regional and urban development and regional and urban planning.


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