Cedar Grove residential park

Cedar Grove residential park

One of the largest residential complexes in Hungary was built in the city centre of Szeged from more than 7000 prefabricated elements and a total of 8510 m3 of concrete. The project in Huszár Street includes 593 apartments, offices and shops.

The six-hectare site, replacing the industrial character of the former cable factory and wholesale food site, will provide a green environment for its future residents in the city centre. Cedar Grove takes its name from the evergreen that grows there.

The principles of sustainability and environmental awareness have played an important role in the project. Cedar Grove is heated by the geothermal system that also heats the city's public buildings. In effect, the geothermal system supplying the municipal public buildings system uses waste and residual heat, thus promoting environmental concerns. The geothermal underfloor heating system saves Cedar Grove and its environment from emitting more than 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The underfloor heating and the air-conditioning system, which can be controlled per apartment as standard, guarantee unrivalled emission levels and a reduction in energy bills of more than 30%. Each apartment has its own sub-meter, so you only pay for your own consumption, with all the advantages of central operation and maintenance. Cedar Grove also has central gas boilers and fan-coil systems per apartment, solely to ensure that heating and hot water for residents is uninterrupted in the event of a geothermal system failure or maintenance.

The housing estate is surrounded by extensive green areas and ponds. The green space ratio is 40%.

The complex offers a wide range of services open to the public, including a restaurant, café, gym, beauty salon and grocery shop.

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