Woven city

Woven city

Toyota has begun construction of Woven City, its prototype city of the future, at the foot of Mount Fuji, on the site of its former car factory in Shizuoka Prefecture. Woven City will serve as a living laboratory and intellectual workshop for the scientists working there to develop the technologies of the future.

One of the key goals of building the city is to test new system and service ideas that expand mobility and unleash human potential. The planned city will cover a total area of 708 000 square metres, with a planned housing capacity of 2 000 people. 

The city will offer a range of above-ground and underground mobility options. Commercial transport, urban logistics, pedestrians, passenger transport and public transport will each have their own separate routes to ensure safe and efficient transport. 

A human-centred approach will permeate the entire design and construction process, as it will put into practice a number of new technologies such as self-driving cars, personal mobility, robotics and artificial intelligence. Woven City is being built to create an environment where inventions to solve societal problems are constantly being created.