Solar energy potential map, Helsinki

Solar energy potential map, Helsinki

Helsinki metropolitan area published an open data portal showing the solar potential of the area's building on an interactive 3D map.

The data contains the photovoltaic production potential calculated per building, provided that the entire area suitable for solar panels is covered with solar panels. When calculating the annual electricity production potential, it was assumed that the efficiency of the solar panels is 15% and that they have been installed parallel to the roof on flat roofs as well.

In the map service, the attribute data of buildings includes electricity production (MWh/year) and the area of the panels in square metres. In the original material available for download (e.g. Photovoltaic potential in Helsinki contains file electricity.shp), electricity production is provided in the field ELEC and its unit is kWh/year.

The data was completed in the Decumanus project and was produced by Eurosense, a Belgian geographic information services company participating in the project.