Smart grid system development in Békéscsaba, Hungary

Smart grid system development in Békéscsaba, Hungary

A complex energy programme is being implemented in Békéscsaba, Hungary as part of the Modern Cities Programme. This includes the SMART GRID system, geothermal heat recovery, SMART street lighting, and the development of intelligent traffic control and environmentally friendly public transport systems.

The objectives of the SMART GRID project are:

  • Increasing the share of renewable energy production: the electricity demand of the existing and planned buildings of the City of Békéscsaba and within it the Municipal Sports Centre should be supplied as much as possible from renewable energy sources.
  • Optimising electricity costs: the municipality's expenditure on electricity procurement should be reduced as much as possible.
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions: to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact (CO2 emissions) of the use of electricity in the City of Békéscsaba.

Main technical features of the completed SMART GRID system (phase 1):

  • 3 solar parks were built;
  • 2 solar parks over parking lots with a total of 2390 panels;
  • 1 ground-mounted solar park with 850 panels;
  • A battery energy storage was built with a capacity of 2,435 MWh,
  • a transformer station with concrete housing and
  • a smart grid centre was constructed;
  • nominal installed capacity: 1296 kWp.