Nexgen sustainable city

Nexgen sustainable city

Nexgen, a sustainable city designed by URB, will be the world's first climate-positive city, producing more energy and food than it consumes. The city is designed to provide food, energy and water security while also creating a green economy.

The 580-hectare sustainable city, planned for the eastern district of Cairo, Egypt, will provide 9,000 housing units for 35,000 residents. The project will create 10,000 jobs, most of which will focus on green technology industries such as food, energy, water and waste, creating a circular green economy for the city.

Ecotourism, medical tourism, retail, edutainment and leisure facilities will make the city a unique destination for visitors. Hospitality facilities will include a 5-star eco-resort, glamping cabins, an ecotourism visitor centre and a nature centre. Health facilities include an autism village, rehabilitation and wellness centre and clinics.