T-City Mobile City

T-City Mobile City

For guests visiting the city there is an attractive and comfortable application for all essential tourist information and in the life of the community the updated information can become a driving force for the local citizens. City services provided by the municipality or other institutions has an institutional list with contacts and office opening hours. The application users can report various events, anomalies (potholes, broken street lights, broken pipes, etc.) with their smartphones giving exact loaction, photo and personal contact. You can locate the exact place of selective waste bins and notify the emptying date and if any of the bins is full. The application can send mobile SMS parking starter with a single click and the correct code is determined by on your GPS position. In addition we can inform you about the service rules, terms and conditions about mobile parking. We integrate the city's Facebook page into the mobile application so users can follow the news through social site. In notifications it is possible that the government sends a message for the application downloaders. This means that thousands of downloaders are notified about city programs and events per week. Mobile program guide: in the application program of city events and multi-day festivals can be uploaded entirely and can display separately under menu. Thus the given event  can be used as mobile program booklet and is able to replace the printed version. Each program can be saved in a touch for your phone and tablet calendar where advance alarm can be set for the beginning of the program.


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