Barcelona Activa – development agency

Barcelona Activa – development agency

In the city of Barcelona, the creation of new companies is channelled through Barcelona Activa, Bacelona's Local Development Agency. Since its inception in 1986, almost 7,000 companies have been established. The programmes developed and dedicated to entrepreneurship are: Programme "Entrepreneurship with Barcelona Activa is easy". On a daily basis, and through collective briefings, different options and resources are introduced that enable entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. Resource Centre for Entrepreneurs. An area where information, interactive media, expert guidance and content to start a business in good conditions can be found. BarcelonaNETactiva entrepreneur portal From which to access content for the creation of companies like a formalities Guide, a Funding Search Guide, an Idea Test to validate a business idea, and an On‐line Business Plan. On‐line Business Plan. Interactive pedagogical format tool that enables users to complete a business plan, step by step and safely. "What you need to know to become an entrepreneur" Programme. Daily activities programme in the shape of 3‐hour seminars that address current issues that are of interest to entrepreneurs. Customised programmes. Adapted according to specific needs, to accompany a business plan based on the profile of the entrepreneur or sector. ODAME school for women entrepreneurs. The ODAME School of Women Entrepreneurs brings over 20 years of experience providing women entrepreneurs with advice, training and networking. Barcelona Equal Entrepreneurship Programme. For women with family responsibilities, unemployed or long‐term unemployed, immigrants and people with disabilities.


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