Smart Work@IJburg (telework center)

Smart Work@IJburg (telework center)

The first pilot for this project is Smart Work@IJburg. Every day several kilometers of traffic jams block the entrances and exits to the island. This makes IJburg a very suitable location to get people out of their cars. Amsterdam Smart City is therefore aiming at a Smart Work Center near the homes of the employees that are normally stuck in these traffic jams. ASC wants to make it as easy as possible. No hassle with payments for the employees. This is why a payment system is currently being developed. Another feature is that the Smart Work centers will have a Telepresence system, enabling the highest quality of video-conferencing currently available. Next steps IJburg citizens have been confronted with possibilities to work more flexible hours and especially near their homes! Amsterdam Smart City has initiated an awareness campaign to convince people to work in a smarter manner. In the meantime, Amsterdam Smart City is working hard to realize a Smart Work Center on IJburg. 


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