Virtual Power Plant Program

Virtual Power Plant Program

The general aim of the program is to collect experiences and best energy efficiency practices of successful companies; to transform them into transferable knowledge and forward them to Hungarian companies especially SMEs, who lack of energy managers internally; to motivate the management of the SMEs to invest time and energy in EE; to award the best companies showing results and use them as a role model for the others; to cooperate with the relevant authorities in order to create a legislation framework supporting energy efficiency. The Virtual Power Plan Program is the largest company EE movement in the region. In 2015 we contacted 120.000 SMEs over the phone, and 20,000 via an online questionnaire, interviewed 1500 and visited and conducted EE audit at 300 companies. There are over 2000 additional companies who filled out our proprietary self-survey. There are hundreds of companies who received our prestigious award on our annual gala ceremony in the Parliament. Our cumulated knowledge about technologies, investment rationalities, motivation factors are unparalleled in the region. The Virtual Power Plan Program will set off a 200MW power plant's electricity production with proven energy savings by 2020 (regarding direct and indirect electricity savings).


National Council for Sustainable Development
SEED - Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Corvinus University of Budapest
University of Miskolc
University of Nyíregyáza
Eötvös Loránd University
Edutus University
Óbuda University
Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd.
Hungarian Innovation and Efficiency Nonprofit Ltd.