QR codes tourist information system

QR codes tourist information system

Informing locals and tourists with up-to-date information (in multiple languages) about local sights, institutions, statues with the use of the ever more popular smart devices. The aim of the „City hide-and-seek” game which is based on well placed QR codes, is to convey information on the available and viewable valuable contents at Debrecen’s (culturally) important locations in an interactive manner, specifically designed for a younger generation. QR codes that can be scanned with smart devices were placed on the sights, institutions and statues along the path of the Flower Carnival Debrecen. After scanning these QR codes, texts and images popped up on the smart devices displaying information about the location. At 2013 Flower Carnival Debrecen a new tourist information providing system was introduced. The „City hide-and-seek” game was also held at that year which was designed for a younger generation.


Méliusz Juhász Péter Library
University of Debrecen
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