Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency (RRA LUR)


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Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency (RRA LUR)

The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR) unites 26 municipalities and communities in central Slovenia, in which it supports sustainably oriented business, infrastructural, social, cultural and creative activities. At the same time, it encourages connecting and developing partnership networks among various stakeholders whose activities bolster the region’s sustainable development. A young and highly qualified team of experts from diverse fields conceives, coordinates and carries out the development projects that contribute to the rise of the quality of life in the region, looks out for synergies among projects and connects with domestic and foreign experts. The agency advises and helps interested stakeholders find financial resources for the successful preparation, coordination and implementation of their projects; simultaneously, it handles the promotion of the region, its development and achievements at both the national and international levels.


Ljubljana Urban Region Regional Development Agency