Urban Farming and Gardening

Urban Farming and Gardening

The city of Vienna supports neighborhood and community gardens under the motto “gardening together” and thus creates a framework that facilitates access to nature for residents of the city. The citizens of Vienna are increasingly taking up their garden implements and creating little gems of communal, self-determined urban cultivation. Under the banners of “urban farming” and “urban gardening” a framework is being created that promotes closeness to nature within the city and self-initiatives. And last but not least, the personal experience gained can provide a wealth of knowledge on the production and quality of food. Over recent decades, new forms of urban agriculture such as community gardens have been developing all over the world. Urban farming establishes a framework for experiencing nature in an urban environment, for a do-it-yourself culture and thus creates a relation to the production of food. Social interaction and community spirit are major benefits of this gardening culture, forming the foundations for further involvement in the local neighbourhood.


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