Digital City Card

Digital City Card

In the future a digital city card may be the key to all Helsinki services. Visits to the swimming pool, bus journeys, library loans and appointments at the health care centre would all be managed with a single card. In the past yeast, Forum Virium Helsinki has run pilots to test how HRT travel card could work as a digital city card. Pilots have been run with several libraries, among others. HRT travel card is in the pocket of every Helsinki resident. This is why it has been a perfect starting point to start piloting the city card. The card’s technology makes it possible to utilize it with NFC-compatible terminals, phones and tablets. The trials have also been a chance to test how to implement and run a service that requires co-operation between many city departments and outside subcontractors. However, even though the HRT travel card has worked well in the pilot projects, will tomorrow’s digital city card likely be in the mobile phone. This will be a logical step result of physical cards, such as loyalty and credit cards, going digital.


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