Strøget - The Predestrian Street

Strøget - The Predestrian Street

"Strøget" - The Pedestrian Street: When the volume of traffic increased in the beginning of the 60s - in the inner part of the old narrow streets - and the expanding shopping areas around central Copenhagen - as well as the sidewalks streets became more and more crowded with busy pedestrians - who was bumping into each other and blocking the way on the narrow pavements - Copenhagen’s City Council decided in 1962 - to establish a car free pedestrian zone from the westerly Town Hall Square to Kongens Nytorv (The Kings New Square) in the eastern part of the town called “Strøget” - which also includes a maze of small streets and historical squares - that altogether are fanning out from “Strøget” - and the mediaeval part of Copenhagen - having a total length of almost 3,2 km - and being the oldest and longest pedestrian street system in the world


Copenhagen Local Government, Jan Gehl