MobilGO - Digital Hungary

MobilGO - Digital Hungary

The MobilGO offers attractive and up-to-date information for guests visiting Hungary, leading to the destination they choose.
For the local population, there is always a handy application featuring useful Hungarian digital content that includes all businesses in the area, in one digital location.

Intelligent Way Assistant (Shows if you arrive at the destination in time)
Public Benefits (Tobacco Shops, ATM, Electric Charging Stations, Petrol Stations, Post Offices, MLS Trails, Drinking Stations, etc.)
Timetables (Shipping, Railroad & Slides)

The ultimate goal was to present the products and services of the businesses that appeared in our company in a transparent manner to meet the needs of our users, so that our users can easily and quickly get information about the businesses around them.

In the planning and development process, we have taken into account the comprehensive government program announced as Digital Hungary, which aims to develop the entire domestic digital environment, which the Government has defined through the DJP and DJP 2.0 Digital Welfare Program.

In addition to focusing on the Government's programs, perspectives, and information technology standards, we have placed great emphasis on creating a user-friendly, easy-to-use and responsive user experience, and making the App accessible to people with disabilities.



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