HiT - Buildings as interactive smart grid participants

HiT - Buildings as interactive smart grid participants

HiT is a Smart Grid housing project located in the City of Salzburg. The abbreviation HiT stands for "Häuser als interaktive Teilnehmer im Smart Grid” ("Buildings as interactive smart grid participants”) and refers to the smart integration of houses into the energy grid. It seeks to deploy and investigate a broad range of Smart Grid technologies within a housing complex. The project is trying to find the optimal interaction between a smart home in a smart complex and its inhabitants. The main research aspects of the project are user-interaction and energy feedback (persuasive technologies), the integration of home automation technologies, the use of dynamic fake tariffs and the combination of different Smart Grid appliances. Additionally to these aspects, the project integrates social aspects with a cross generational living concept and a sustainable mobility concept with e-car sharing.


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
CURE - Center for Usability Research and Engineering