Budapest Dialog

Budapest Dialog

Budapest Dialog is a community urban development site through which local people and municipalities can share their development ideas and projects with each other. The portal's interactive interface helps target development proposals, while helping local government project development and community planning. The city of the future is based on the people who want to live in it and want to do it and the local self-government based on local energies. The mission of the project is to promote a quality relationship between motivated, interested people, municipalities and institutions and businesses. In addition, they support dialogue and community planning in support of municipal development. The aim of the project is to collect and disseminate the ideas, supportive ideas of the population to the stakeholders. Local governments will be given the opportunity to present their development ideas before and during the implementation, and the pre-development dialogue, which promotes greater social support and sustainable development.


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Municipality of Budapest
TÉR_KÖZ Budapest
Local Municipality of Pestszentlőrinc – Pestszentimre, XVIII. district of the capital city of Budapest