Törökbálint GIS system

Törökbálint GIS system

For the Municipality of Törökbálint created a  WEB-based GIS portal which makes the spatial data available for the employees of the Municipality and for he public as well.
The system includes ordnance survey, regulation plans, digital utility models, elevation points, public transportation data and informations of health facilities,education, elections and snow removal. In addition, the map includes a citizen problem reporter where users can describe, categorize, locate and record the issue.
It implements standard xml web services to integrate various data sources for the user. This also means that with appropriate permissions the data can be displayed in desktop GIS software. Access to spatial data is provided by WEB map server software. The desktop GIS software can be used to publish or update map content that appears on the portal without programming. The thin client running in the browser is based entirely on OpenSource technology.
The map display is customizable and thematic sign keys have been developed for different customer needs, displaying the information needed for a given workflow in addition to the basic functions.


Municipality of Törökbálint