Tamási, the digital small town

Tamási, the digital small town

A comprehensive development strategy, Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP), formulates programs to support digitization in almost all areas of the Hungarian economy, state operation and digital development of Hungarian society. One of the designated areas of intervention of the DJP is the so-called "spreading smart city solutions and approaches". In the country, 10 pilot projects will be launched, with the help of resources from the Digital Prosperity Program, to fully prepare their own smart city development program. The Municipality of Tamási etablished a geothermal utility system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions . In addition, 1445 LED luminaires have been installed and managed through the CityTouch system, reducing power consumption by up to 30%. Tamási's future plans include the development of public buildings, smart metering, smart administration, service and modernization of water, sewage and district heating.


Digitális Jólét Program 2.0
Municipality of Tamási