Kaposvár, the green town

Kaposvár, the green town

Kaposvár set itself the goal of becoming a green smart city. For reaching their aim, they replaced their complete bus fleet, with 40 CNG-powered buses, which work with biogas produced by the Kaposvár Sugar Factory. They have improved public lighting, more than half of their candelabras working with LED bulbs, they are even able to control their brightness. They provide their wasteful buildings with a building management system - which is essentially a computer that controls consumers and energy use. With five big towns they are working on an energy storage where minicipalities are able to control and manage storage and consumption. They are expanding their district heating network, the service will get its energy supply from renewable energy. The city not only use environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly technologies,but support eco-consciousness among the population.


Municipality of Kaposvár