AiT desks

AiT desks

AiT smart tables are the uniquely designed products of the Hungarian startup, which can be controlled with a mobile phone, are also suitable for sitting or standing work, and which serve the purposes of maintaining health. The main novelty of the product, which is equipped with hydraulic moving mechanics, is that its height can be controlled with a smartphone application, so it is suitable for both sitting and standing work. The desk monitors the time spent sitting while in use and indicates when it’s time to get up. The tables have built-in fitness features, which compiles personalized exercises, incorporating the work. An air quality sensor is also installed in the product, which detects the carbon monoxide range and signals the user when it needs to be ventilated. AiT desks also function as a wireless charger, all you have to do is put the right phone on your tablet and the built-in wireless charger starts charging.


AiT Smart Products


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