Île-de-France Smart Services

Île-de-France Smart Services

Île-de-France Smart Services is a service platform developed by the Ile-de-France Region with and for Ile-de-France residents.

The idea of Ile-de-France Smart Services is simple: gather the large quantities of data produced by the Region and its partners, both public and private, and use this material to design and offer new services to make the daily life of Ile-de-France residents easier and more attractive and sustainable.

To ensure that these services meet the needs of users, the Region has chosen a co-construction approach.

In concrete terms, Francilians, companies, associations, local authorities and agents of the Region participate in workshops to design the platform and its services. The services are the following: My Solar Potential, Smart Work, Smart Implantation, Gender Equality, COVID-19 Solution, COVID Solidarity Industry, Biking in Île-de-France, Rush hours levelling, Solidarity Farmers, Ecological Participatory Budgeting, Environment & energy, My nature, My local products, My zero waste, Local on my plate.


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