Breathe London

Breathe London

Breathe London combines state-of-the-art technology with new data analytics to better understand Londoners’ exposure to air pollution. Measuring harmful pollution at thousands of locations informs data-driven solutions to clean up our dirty air and foster healthier, stronger communities.

With cutting-edge sensor technology and research, Breathe London’s three complementary projects will help us understand what’s happening at the ground-level where people live, work and play.

  1. Breathe London installed a network of 100 state-of-the-art sensor pods on lamp posts and buildings throughout the city, continuously transmitting air quality measurements.
  2. Specially equipped Google Street View cars used mobile sensors to measure air pollution on a variety of London roadways, taking readings approximately every second in representative areas of the city.
  3. In a linked study funded by the Greater London Authority, King’s College London used wearable sensors that allowed schoolchildren and teachers to monitor air quality during their journey to and from school.

High-resolution sensing technologies promise to make air pollution visible and measurable at an unprecedented scale and scope—providing a more comprehensive picture of air pollution across London.



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