Pela - eco-friendly phone case

Pela - eco-friendly phone case

Eco-friendly Pela cases are the world's first sustainable phone cases. Pela’s mission is to achieve a waste-free future. Pela's working with several environmental organizations (e.g., Save the Waves, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana). The  material is a combination of plant-based biopolymers, flax straw waste and recycled materials. The flax-infused biopolymers provide added texture and impact resistance, helping to protect your phone and the environment. The material is safe, BPA-free, complies with composting in industrial composting plants in the USA (D6400-04) and the European Union (EN 13432). Its production has lower carbon emissions and lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastics. The case can also decompose in a home composting environment.


Certified B Corporation
Save the Waves Coalition
Oceana - Protecting the World's Oceans
Surfrider Foundation