Digital Hasuri

Digital Hasuri

Hasuri Ausanpur village has 23 Wi-Fi hotspots and 23 CCTV cameras for its population of just over 1,000. It even has a website that features the GIS map of the entire village — agricultural land, grazing land, networks of roads and canals.

There’s more. Each family’s socio-economic details are now being uploaded on the website. Apart from basic information (number of family members, age group, head of the family, caste), it will include micro details like: do they have life insurance and health insurance; does any family member smoke or chew tobacco; do the members wash hands before eating; does the house have a toilet, kitchen garden, compost pit, piped water supply/hand pump/well, a mosquito net or not; do the members practise yoga or play any sports; how much land the family holds and what is the irrigation method; does the family have a bank account, an ATM card, a smartphone, can they operate computers or do cashless transactions.



Hasuri Ausanpur