Espoo smart city

Espoo smart city

In 2020, Espoo signed a global commitment on circular economy and stated co-operating in all divisions of the city as well as more than 40 partner and companies. There are also circular and sharing economy experiments for citizens, such as neighbourhood marketplaces and tool shares. However, the partnerships also look above and beyond the city borders: the innovations created in Espoo could spread across the globe.

Together with 100 companies and developers, the goal is to build effective ecosystems for the local economy, ensuring that Espoo is a pioneer in achieving the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

One example of Espoo’s ambitious cleantech projects is Kera, a district that aims to set a new standard for sustainable smart cities. Kera will also serve as an example of how the cross-industry is used to execute the city’s sustainable development programme. The district will be a home to 14 000 people and companies, and it will be a testbed where companies are able to pilot and develop their clean and smart solutions in, for example, energy and built environment.