Graphisoft Park

The development of The Graphisoft Park took place on the site of the former Óbuda Gas Factory. In the development area, the abandoned brown zone has been completely recultivated. By the new function, the area has been reintegrated into the bloodstream of the capital.

Furbify - computer equipment refurbishment

A vállalat prémium minőségű számítógépes berendezéseket újít fel és forgalmaz. Víziója, hogy „zöldítse” bolygónkat, megakadályozva az e-hulladék tömeges felhalmozódását. A vállalat küldetésének tekinti a felújított számítógépek népszerűsítését, azok minden előnyével együtt. Célja, hogy meghosszabbítsa a már legyártott termékek élettartamát, így akár többször újrahasznosíthatóak lesznek, ahelyett, hogy a hulladéklerakókban végeznék. A vállalat saját gyárában, szakképzett munkatársaival újítja fel az eszközöket.

FLOWBOX autonomous energy management and optimisation platform

FLOWBOX is an autonomous energy management and optimization platform to save energy, make more efficient operations, and to reduce carbon footprints. The platform can actively and autonomously manage and optimize operational technologies, and is able to provide demand flexibility for the smart grid. It is a hardware-agnostic system not tied to a specific hardware manufacturer. The robust hierarchical architecture utilizes edge computing and is optimized for mission-critical applications. Data is shared across multiple teams and external systems.


Since its foundation in 2008, EN-CO Software Ltd. has grown into a company with a staff of 140 people, designing and delivering a full palette of unique and personalised software solutions. It believes that providing quality service to partners is the key to success. EN-CO Software Ltd. is engaged in the design, development and implementation of custom software as well as the management of integrated systems. Since 2020, the company has placed increased emphasis on the development of proprietary products, with PigBrother as one of its most successful projects to date.


The company washes cars sustainably, quickly and
conveniently. In 2019, it was the only company in
Europe to open a new market, providing an innovative
and sustainable solution to the car wash problems
of individuals in large cities. With just a few clicks on
Cleango, a member of staff is on their way to the
customer’s car being parked, to make it shine on
the spot. With more and more cars, waiting times
at car washes are increasing, self-service solutions
are inconvenient and seriously damaging to the

Hydroponic equipment

As a result of its research, the company have developed and created its own hydroponic equipment, which, beyond the advantages of hydroponic technology, can be rotated manually or automatically. This way, up to 25% less energy needs to be used for lighting than if it were illuminated on all sides. Due to the innovative design of the equipment, the size of the system can be adapted on demand. The cpmpany currently sells equipment one by one, as well as large systems by building several towers together.

AquaShield - greenhouse control device for hydroponic and aquaponic systems

AquaShield is a state-of-the-art monitoring and control device that can be used to optimise the operation of any hydroponic or aquaponic greenhouse. With AquaShield, all the important parameters of a garden (pH, temperature, humidity) can be monitored in real time from anywhere. Thanks to the built-in control systems, the vast majority of cultivation tasks can be automated, avoiding various emergencies. As a result, the greenhouse can operate much more safely, while achieving higher yields.

Adbian – Data-based tree care

The company is all about data-based urban tree care. It believes that the older the tree, the better it is for the environment and more. Adbian converts data into 3D models, which are then used to test the stability of a particular tree. Thanks to a wide range of metrics and follow-up tests, it provides arborists with valuable information on the stability of the tree and its geometry, including detailed stress analysis and analysis of material properties and internal cavities.

Foodhub local food network reconnects small-scale farmers directly with businesses looking for local, high-quality fresh ingredients, be they restaurants, farmer’s markets or food retailers. The company is on the mission to solve inefficiencies in the local food distribution by providing the tools and knowledge to develop a resilient local food economy. It supports small-scale producers with demand-driven advisory services while providing chefs and consumers with on-demand access to quality products.