XZero City Kuvait

XZero City Kuvait

XZERO is a planned sustainable community that can provide a low-carbon lifestyle for 100,000 residents in balance with nature.

The southern region of Kuwait has planned the project on 1,600 hectares, driven by a green circular economy, which aims to provide food and energy security for residents. 30,000 housing units are planned, as well as 30,000 green jobs to be created in various centres such as medical, tourism, technology, education, retail and entertainment.
The ambitious project developed by URB aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle with a high standard of living, yet low environmental impact. The smart city master plan is designed to optimise density and amenity distribution to create the most walkable city on earth, while also optimising the proportion of green space. This will help mitigate the effects of rising temperatures and urban heat islands. Green transport systems and cycle paths will make this a car-free city, apart from the ring road, which will allow limited vehicular access.

At its core, the project is a unique, resilient landscape that is multifunctional and designed to promote health, well-being and biodiversity.




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