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Smart Environment

Pantry of Csömör

The Csömöri Éléskamra (Pantry of Csömör) is a community initiative, thanks to the voluntary work of its members. Individual orders are collected weekly and forwarded to the producers. Producers either deliver the products directly to the customer's address or deliver them to a collection point, where members can get their order packed by volunteers.

Smart puclic lighting system - Balatonakarattya

E.ON, in cooperation with the network service provider, has installed SMART-ready luminaires with LED technology in Balatonakaranya, which can be controlled through an innovative public lighting management system (CMS). The project was shipped with the replacement of LED lighting produced by GE Lighting and the introduction of intelligent control.
For the whole settlement, this is the first time in Hungary and at European level that the modernization of public lighting has been implemented.

Solar photovoltaic power generation system - Újszilvás

In 2011, a 400-hectare solar photovoltaic power generation system was built on the 2-hectare property of the Municipality of Újszilvás. The annual output of the solar power plant is 630,000 kWh.
The renewable energy system in Újszilvás can play a big role in the southern part of Pest county. Today geothermal system provides energy heating for the mayor's office and municipal institutions as the primary school and sports hall, the community center, the kindergarten and the library.

Smart City developments - Tata

As part of the Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP) 2.0, Tata is also one of the pilot programs for smart city developments. The city already reached the folllowing achievements: installation of electric car chargers, modernization of public lighting (LED lights), installation of EON rechargeable consumers, various smart tourism solutions (thematic walks or attractions with QR code) and energy upgrades in schools.

The Climate Equity Toolkit

The Climate Equity Toolkit is a top-down overview of the effects of climate change in Colorado at the county level. Each topic covered is analyzed with overlaying data on climate exposure, sensitivity to change and adaptive capacity, as it relates to sectors such as agriculture, water, food, national security, transportation, outdoor recreation and more. This educational data visualization tool includes place-based knowledge focused on how climate change affects the most vulnerable communities across Colorado.

Nagypáli, the eco-conscious village

Nagypáli's solar energy park was established in May 2014, thanks to the cooperation of the Intelligent Energy Community Nonprofit Ltd.  and the municipality of the village.
The Community Purpose Solar Park is located on an undeveloped inner-city site provided by the municipality. It aims to partially meet the electricity needs of local governments, businesses, and civil and private individuals, contributing to their energy independence plans. In addition to the Solar Park, the municipality also implemented LED technology lighting and bought a biogas-powered bus.

Biofabrik - WASTX technology

The BIOFABRIK Technologies GmbH group of companies based in Dresden develops and markets innovative technologies for the sustainable management of energy, nutrition and waste problems worldwide. BIOFABRIK aims to reduce the destructive extraction of fossil raw materials and focuses on the development of more profitable and climate-neutral business models.

Tamási, the digital small town

A comprehensive development strategy, Digital Prosperity Program (Digitális Jólét Program - DJP), formulates programs to support digitization in almost all areas of the Hungarian economy, state operation and digital development of Hungarian society. One of the designated areas of intervention of the DJP is the so-called "spreading smart city solutions and approaches". In the country, 10 pilot projects will be launched, with the help of resources from the Digital Prosperity Program, to fully prepare their own smart city development program.

climate Fieldview

With FieldView users can make data driven decisions to maximize their return on every acre. As a data partner, FieldView seamlessly collect, store, and visualize critical field data, monitor and measure the impact of the agronomic decisions on crop performance, and manage the users field variability by building customized fertility and seeding plans for your fields to optimize yield and maximize profit.

Velobike - Moscow

Velobike is a convenient, environmentally friendly and automated urban transport. A bikesharing service which helps Muscovites and guests to explore the city, go on picnics and go on business. Velobike is convenient for short term transport, the regular customers ride bicycles from home to the metro and from the metro to work. Velobike is an alternative to a car and public transport.