BudaPart project - eco-conscious, sustanaible development

BudaPart project - eco-conscious, sustanaible development

The large-scale real estate development project known as BudaPart is one of Budapest's largest brownfield-revitalisations in the Lágymányosi Bay area, next to River Danube.

Part of the area used to have a traditional industrial function but has been under-utilised for a long time. The present real estate development started in 2016 and is planned to take place over a period of approximately ten years, in six phases, on approximately 54 hectares of land, where around 25-30 thousand people will be able to live and work in the near future. The project itself will involve the development of more than 500,000 square metres of real estate in 26 buildings, including 16 residential buildings, 7 offices and 3 hotels. 

A whole new neighbourhood is being built, which allows for the installation of various smart solutions. The development is focusing on the creation of the best living environment, for example in line with the "15-minute city" principle (all essential functions will be available within a 15-minute walking distance for the residents). The area will have no surface parking spaces, a strong emphasis will be put on facilitating cycling and walking, a dead-end street system will be created to avoid unnecessary incoming traffic, and an effort will be made to preserve and expand green spaces and make pedestrian areas as green as possible. The main intention is to create a calm, recreational environment. By the end of the development, a total of 20 hectares of green space will be created, making it the fifth largest public park in Budapest. So far (2022), a total of 13.5 hectares have been renewed and maintained, resulting in planting of 110 trees and 1,000 m² of shrubs. The Lágymányos Bay, also owned by the investor, will add a further 10 hectares to the total natural surface.

In the residential buildings, smart solutions, integrated smart home systems, ceiling heating and cooling, smart sockets and remote-controlled thermostats also reflect a sustainable approach. The developers also emphasise health-consciousness, a good example of which is the southern edge of the district, where a hilly area for sports and recreation will be developed.

Green aspects, sustainability and eco-efficiency are also being taken into account in office developments. Developers include energy-efficient solutions, water-saving irrigation and equipment, the installation of electric car chargers, and a high proportion of recycled content in building materials.

In 2022, the BudaPart project also won the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award in the Master Plan category, with high scores in the areas of environmental challenge response and eco-sustainability.



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