"New Boulevard" in Budapest

"New Boulevard" in Budapest

An exciting example of tactical urbanism in Hungary is the creation of a "New Boulevard" in Budapest, between the Small and the Great Boulevard (more precisely between Andrássy street and Üllői street, connecting Székely Mihály - Kazinczy - Szentkirályi streets), where, according to the project description, "people like to walk, shop, organise community activities and neighbourhood programmes: a people-centred boulevard, where human encounters and urban recreation are at the forefront, alongside the birdsong."

Launched in 2021, the initiative aims to green the streets, installing street furniture, organizing car-free days, themed street festivals, neighbourhood celebrations, and boosting retail activities - step by step. The aim is to stimulate daytime use of public spaces on the three streets to create demand for long-vacant retail space and to create a people-centred, interactive, 'slow', urban recreation boulevard that is highly efficient in terms of sustainable transport.

The project will actively involve professionals, decision-makers, residents, citizens and businesses, in line with the urban and district development objectives.