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Smart Governance

Alsómocsolád - Future weaving programme

Alsómocsolád is a village in Baranya County, Hungary, its population is less than 400 people. Their vision is to transform Alsómocsolád to a friendly, liveable, traditional but innovative XII century township, with developing their local economy and increasing ther population. Their "Future Weaving" programme aims to reverse depopulation, they are looking for enthusiastic applicants who would like to live in the village, be an active part of the community and help to make the county life more comfortable.

Smart Elderly Alert System

Sensors are placed in the flat to help monitor the movements of the elderly, and caregivers will be alerted if any irregular movements are detected (e.g. if no movements are detected for a period of time).
In April 2016, residents from some 3,200 households in Yuhua estate were eligible to participate in a trial to use smart devices in their homes.
The trial ensured that the method is non-intrusive, non-contact and low cost methodology, and provides timely alerts.

SymbioCity project

SymbioCity is a Swedish government initiative run by Business Sweden and SKL International. Business Sweden oversees the SymbioCity trademark and promotes national exports on behalf of the Swedish government and industry. As part of Swedish international development co-operation, SKL International uses the SymbioCity Approach to support cities in developing countries to plan and build sustainably e.g. by identifying inclusive and innovative solutions. The SymbioCity Approach seeks to improve the living conditions of people in urban settlements.

CityScore - Boston

CityScore is an initiative designed to inform the Mayor and city managers about the overall health of the City at a moment’s notice by aggregating key performance metrics into one number. They provide an overview of the CityScore tool and data, but more importantly they show the potential users how they are using CityScore to make improvements across the City.

UAV application to establish urban disaster communication and redundancy platform

An earthquake in Kaohsiung, Meinong district caused the collapse of the Tainan Wei-Kung building. It caused flooding because of the water pipe rupture and made the rescue become difficult. Typhoon Meranti brought heavy rains to the southern Taiwan, resulting in part of the mountain road collapsed and it leaded to inability of sending the rescue team to the affected area timely. When a disaster happens, the communication channels of the disaster area are often damaged; the joint routes are blocked, and wireless communication facilities are failure.

Social City Vienna

Social City Vienna is a platform for societal and social innovation. Projects and initiatives are launched and supported in five action areas: matching, community, education, sustainability and communication. The work of Social City Vienna is aimed at launching new projects, improving the networking of existing projects and initiatives and publicising Vienna’s social scene. One of its major objectives is to bring together the city’s stakeholders. In the very first advisory board meeting, the advisory board members addressed the issue of social inclusion, together with Social City Vienna.

Smart Kalasatama

Kalasatama Smart City district of Helsinki is an experimental innovation platform to co-create smart urban infrastructure and services. This centrally located old harbour area is developed flexibly and through piloting, in close co-operation with residents, companies, city officials and other stakeholders. The vision of Kalasatama is to become so resource-wise that residents will gain an extra hour of own time every day.

Amsterdam Free Wifi

Due to the rising amount of day-trippers, the municipality of Amsterdam and bars in the harbour of IJburg wanted to facilitate Free Wifi. The success was enforced by the 4 leg cooperation between municipality, entrepreneurs, Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) and KPN. The initiative of combining fibre as wifi antenna connector has come up from ASC and the municipality. Together with café’s and KPN, the free wifi was set up.