Komlóska, the ecovillage

Komlóska, the ecovillage

Due to historical, political and economic difficulties in living, a large part of the working population has moved out of the village. In 2008 the mayor introduced the concept that most of the municipal taxes would be released if a business moved its headquarters to Komlóska. Thus, businesses that moved to Komlóska were exempt from business, construction, tourism and communal taxes, basicly they have created a tax haven for businesses. The program works for both entrepreneurs and the municipality. Businesses that move there save significant amounts of money, remain viable, escape from going bankrupt, and last but not least they don't leave the country. After the introduction and consolidation of the tax program, self-maintenance became the responsibility of the municipality. Utilizing the public works program, they produce vegetables and fruits on municipal land, which are used for public catering. The land, which has been abandoned for a long time, is perfect for organic production, and the restored grasslands are excellent for producing herbs. They also give seeds to the families and provide the use of municipal machinery to help prepare the soil. The increase in livestock was solved by providing families with 50 to 200 chickens, with adequate feed. In exchange, 50% of the livestock is returned by the family. Today, the settlement is a self-sustaining eco-village with no (statistically certain) unemployment.


Municipality of Komlóska