Smart, experience-based tourism in Zalaegerszeg

Smart, experience-based tourism in Zalaegerszeg

Based on future smart technology solutions, Zalaegerszeg's tourism developments will help tourists to find their way around and get information based on their experience. This includes a downtown wifi network, touch screen information systems and computer and smartphone applications. 

The city is home to the automotive test track for self-driving cars, but is also committed to smart developments in other areas. The latest step in this process is to use modern technology to make local tourist attractions more accessible to visitors. As part of the improvements, the current investment includes three outdoor interactive information terminals with touch screens, three pairs of outdoor modular smart benches, a smart playground for children and free wifi routers installed at different locations in the city (in a 1 km radius with 53 beacons). The devices are available at 4 locations: Piac Square, Dísz Square, the Bus Station and the Sports Hall.

Thanks to the improvements, visitors can discover Zalaegerszeg's attractions, sights and places of interest via a mobile application. The e-City mobile application and the e-city portal also offer searchable city programmes, as well as a range of useful local information on transport - such as parking, timetables, electric car charging stations - market days and the availability of public services such as medical services.