Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform

Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Environment (SAFE) Platform

SAFE was created with the mindset that through strategic partnerships and the implementation of projects in Latin America, resources, and experiences dedicated to promote, design, and implement sustainability practices can be optimized and have a greater impact in transforming coffee and cocoa landscapes. Their structure allows them to work on local, national, regional, and international stages addressing the specific challenges and opportunities present at each level. Workshops with coffee farmers in Nicaragua on gender equity, local-government backed actions to harvest water in coffeelands across three countries, and work with cooperatives to understand and develop price risk management strategies on a regional level are only a few examples of how they are addressing the challenges that they face in creating more sustainable food systems. A fundamental component of their Platform is that they facilitate the sharing of information and tools with all people interested in learning more about sustainable environments.


Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)
Committee on Sustainability Assessment
Catholic Relief Services


Costa Rica
El Salvador