Foodhub local food network

Foodhub local food network reconnects small-scale farmers directly with businesses looking for local, high-quality fresh ingredients, be they restaurants, farmer’s markets or food retailers. The company is on the mission to solve inefficiencies in the local food distribution by providing the tools and knowledge to develop a resilient local food economy. It supports small-scale producers with demand-driven advisory services while providing chefs and consumers with on-demand access to quality products.


CASH & CARRY: offers cash & carry concept with fresh products for restaurants each Thursday. In the meantime, for households, there is an on-line sale with direct delivery by Foodhub’s truck.

EDUCATION: Furthermore, there is a close collaboration between schools “Grow & Harvest your own potatoes” and farms.

FOOD WASTE: is engaged in food waste reduction. All food leftovers are given to the Hungarian Foodbank.

CAFÉ, CO-WORKING OFFICE: Additionally, FoodHub runs an Urban Food Coworking & Café, which is a quiet place to work in the city for producers and for gastro-bloggers.

Its continuously growing community counts 31 farmers and 22 restaurants at the moment. It supplies the partner restaurants twice a week with local produce and soon will extend the portfolio to deliver up to 500 boxes to chilled pickup stations for endconsumers.