Graphisoft Park

Graphisoft Park

The development of The Graphisoft Park took place on the site of the former Óbuda Gas Factory. In the development area, the abandoned brown zone has been completely recultivated. By the new function, the area has been reintegrated into the bloodstream of the capital. During the development, great emphasis was placed on sustainability aspects, high-quality architectural design and a harmonious relationship with nature. The company’s goal is to create a human-scale work environment that enables the companies operating here to hire and retain a quality workforce

Graphisoft Park is located directly on the River Danube in an 18-hectare green area. During the development of the park, special attention was paid to nature and the preservation of green areas. The buildings are surrounded by spacious green areas, with trees stretching higher than the office buildings. In the office park, the company has built an underground garage for more than 2,000 cars in order to preserve the greenery. The company offers offices and laboratories, primarily for research and development companies. During the development, offices were also set up specifically for start-up companies.



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