Vacant NL - Dutch Atlas of Vacancy

Vacant NL - Dutch Atlas of Vacancy

Vacant NL was a Dutch project for the 2010 Venice Biennale, showcasing the potential of 10,000 publicly owned empty buildings.

The RAAAF was asked by the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) to present the potential of landscape architecture in the form of an installation that reflected the social problems. The Rietveld pavilion, which had been vacant for years, was the perfect choice of location, with a blue cityscape of styrofoam buildings inside.

The installation was designed by professionals with an interest in the untapped potential of vacant properties and international experience in the creative industries. The economic situation at the time was very difficult for many people who had lost their jobs or were finding it difficult to find work. The exhibition promoted the reuse of existing buildings and infrastructure rather than new investments and demolitions.

The value of the exhibition was improved by the introduction of the Dutch Atlas of Vacancy, which includes the main attributes and location of the underused properties, illustrated with pictures and blueprints.

The exhibition and the catalogue created by the landscape architecture Rietveld, received huge media attention and inspired several projects, the launch of university master classes and books on the subject.


Rietveld Architecture-Art-Affordances (RAAAF)
Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI)