ESET - home office consulting

ESET - home office consulting

For three decades they've been helping people to protect their digital worlds. From a small, dynamic company it has grown into a global brand with over 110 million users in 202 countries and territories. Many things have changed, but their core aspirations, philosophy and values remain the same – to help build a more secure digital world where everyone can truly Enjoy Safer Technology.

The company recognized that during the COVID-19 epidemic, more and more businesses were reorganizing part or all of their staff’s home office, i.e., working from home. However, for safe, risk-free telecommuting, it’s not enough to buy a laptop for employees or set it up on their home computer. In addition to providing the means, conditions for safe working must be ensured. The company provides free advice to companies that have technical issues related to telecommuting: be it security, using internal systems at home, settings, filtering programs, or even data backups.