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Smart Governance


RoadBotics empowers communities to make objective, data-driven decisions about their roads and infrastructure. They automate inspections and generate actionable data about road networks, including identification of individual distresses like potholes and alligator cracking. Their detailed maps, unbiased ratings, and practical tools save time and taxpayer dollars for hundreds of communities across the country and around the world.

Desa Digital (Digital Village)

The Government of West Java is working to utilize more technology to improve its governance, public services, and the citizens’ life quality in Indonesia's most populous province. This is challenging as most West Java citizens live in predominantly rural areas—as many as 5,312 villages—and have limited access to technology; some even have no internet connection.

Sharing Cities

The Sharing Cities ‘lighthouse’ programme is a proving ground for a better, common approach to making smart cities a reality. By fostering international collaboration between industry and cities, the project seeks to develop affordable, integrated, commercial-scale smart city solutions with a high market potential. The project partners work in close cooperation with the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities and with other `lighthouse` consortia.

Geothermal central heating

Miskolc city’s district heating system, reducing greenhouse gas emission by 40 percent compared with the previous gas-based heating system. The geothermal project produces 660,000-1,000,000 gigajoules (GJ) of energy annually providing nearly 32,000 households and 1,000 public amenities (university, swimming pool, etc.) with heat.

Huawei Intelligent Traffic Management

The Huawei Intelligent Traffic Management Solution focuses on three service scenarios: traffic law enforcement, vehicle check and control, and traffic management. Ultimately, they enable governments to build a safe, orderly, and smooth urban traffic environment.

Traffic law enforcement: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to identify, take snapshots of, review, and punish traffic violations.

Vehicle check and control: Track and deploy suspicious or criminal vehicles based on big data.

MA 48 office - green wall

The city of Vienna strongly supports the establishment of green walls. The green wall on the side of the MA48 office building was built in 2010 and has been under constant monitoring ever since. The city’s first green wall system is 450 m2 in size and consists of more than 3,000 m of lined stainless steel planting containers. The properties of the green wall are monitored with various sensors and its irrigation is provided by an automatic irrigation system. The summer cooling effect of the green wall is equivalent to the operation of 80 air conditioners of 3000 W each, 8 hours a day.

Rollet - Contactless payment by car

Rollet offers an innovative service that allows pass-through payment related to the car. The car essentially becomes a means of payment thanks to Rollet’s vehicle recognition technology, so there is no need to queue at the parking meter. Rollet parking will start registering in the apps. Parking will then start automatically on arrival at the barrier, at check-out trunk and payment will be made automatically, with a registered credit card.