#vegyélhazait - platform supporting Hungarian brands

#vegyélhazait - platform supporting Hungarian brands

Marquard Media's initiative aims to help small businesses in Hungary through the crisis caused by the epidemic.

The #vegyélhazait initiative was launched with the aim of creating a platform for Hungarian fashion, artists, creators and gastronomy, where members of the community can present themselves and spread the word.

News of the Facebook group spread like wildfire, gathering hundreds of thousands of members within weeks, and thousands of producers, creators, artists, manufacturers, designers and restaurateurs from all over the country introduced themselves to this active community. And so the brand was born: #vegyélhazait.

After registering on vegyelhazait.hu, customers can browse the current range or even open their own virtual shop.

The platform also takes into account the different holidays, with an online Easter or Advent market that is seasonal.


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