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Smart People

Road ID bracelet

Road Id bracelets were invented for people who are usually playing sports alone (e.g., running, biking, riding, climbing a wall, walking a dog). Customers can request different information on the labels: medical history, allergies, contact information, etc., so it can be easier to reach relatives and facilitate medical care in various accidents. Labels can be easily applied to different types of smart bracelets, or even shoes, animal collars. Their mission is two-fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing ID.

Terra Case - sustainable phone case

Terra Case cases are made of 100% biodegradable, compostable material and arrive in recycled packaging. Each Terra Case is made from a special plant-derived material that decomposes 100% in 6-24 months under compostable conditions, unlike traditional plastic that pollute the environment for 200-1000 years. Each Terra Case is unique in that the plant seeds appear in small patches, giving the case a special pattern. After each case purchase, 3kg (300 PET bottles) of plastic garbage is removed from the oceans in collaboration with The Plastic Bank.

Pela - eco-friendly phone case

Eco-friendly Pela cases are the world's first sustainable phone cases. Pela’s mission is to achieve a waste-free future. Pela's working with several environmental organizations (e.g., Save the Waves, Surfrider Foundation, Oceana). The  material is a combination of plant-based biopolymers, flax straw waste and recycled materials. The flax-infused biopolymers provide added texture and impact resistance, helping to protect your phone and the environment.

Hort-in-Box green wall module

The outdoor green wall and flower column scientific research program was launched in Debrecen in 2007, which later called the HIB (Hort-in-Box) project to integrate the latest scientific, biotechnological and engineering knowledge into a biologically balanced, multi-aesthetic, horticultural and technical , a modular plant habitat controlled in part by precision high-tech devices, by displaying it as a “mini garden” or a “box garden”.

AiT desks

AiT smart tables are the uniquely designed products of the Hungarian startup, which can be controlled with a mobile phone, are also suitable for sitting or standing work, and which serve the purposes of maintaining health. The main novelty of the product, which is equipped with hydraulic moving mechanics, is that its height can be controlled with a smartphone application, so it is suitable for both sitting and standing work. The desk monitors the time spent sitting while in use and indicates when it’s time to get up

#DontGoViral Campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic is accompanied by an Infodemic, a spread of disinformation and misinformation making it difficult for people to find accurate information. To contribute to tackling this issue, UNESCO, in partnership with the Innovation for Policy Foundation (i4Policy), is launching an online campaign to crowdsource local openly licensed content to inform communities across Africa about COVID-19. The #DontGoViral campaign is designed to activate artists and cultural entrepreneurs across Africa.

Association of Rural Initiatives of Catalonia

The Association of Rural Initiatives of Catalonia (Associació d’iniciatives Rurals de Catalunya) is the regional network for rural development in Catalonia. It provides assistance and represents the 12 Catalan Local Action Groups (LAG).
The network was born in 2010 with the aim to broadcast the activities developed by the LAGs and support them to achieve their mission: stimulate rural and coastal areas by facilitating new projects and opportunities for their inhabitants.

Komlóska, the ecovillage

Due to historical, political and economic difficulties in living, a large part of the working population has moved out of the village. In 2008 the mayor introduced the concept that most of the municipal taxes would be released if a business moved its headquarters to Komlóska. Thus, businesses that moved to Komlóska were exempt from business, construction, tourism and communal taxes, basicly they have created a tax haven for businesses. The program works for both entrepreneurs and the municipality.

YouTyúk system

The Youtyúk system helps to connect local producers and costumers. Their aim is to give a real opportunity for subsistence for country farmers while the costumers get real, happy and natural eggs. They would like to see the current situation change and more and more rural farmers / families have a real opportunity to have an honest job by producing truly healthy and high quality food (eggs from free-range, capricious hens, self-produced hens without hormones or antibiotics).