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Smart People

Megyer, the village for rent

The mayor of Megyer (the smallest village in Hungary) had an innovative idea to save the village from disappearing by renting the„whole” village for about 670 EUR/day, one can get control over 7 guesthouses, the town hall, the local stables, the animals, a classroom, a canteen, the farmlands.The tenant can also become deputy mayor and rename the streets. Runs as a cooperative(the owners of the cottages as members) and giving job to 8 more people.

Alliance Center

The Alliance Center is a multi-faceted nonprofit with an event and collaborative working space, located in the heart of Denver. They convene and mobilize our network of non-profit organizations, for-profit businesses, government agencies, academic institutions and community members to collaboratively create sustainability-focused solutions. They are explorers and innovators—working at the leading edge of sustainability to support a healthy planet, a strong democracy, and a thriving economy. The Alliance Center does not work alone.They create solutions through the strength of partnerships.

Denver Urbanism

DenverUrbanism provides news, ideas, and commentary about urbanism in Denver and advocates a progressive pro-urban agenda for the Mile High City. DenverUrbanism was launched in late 2010 as a companion blog to the DenverInfill website and blog created in 2004 by Ken Schroeppel, an urban planner who lives and works in Downtown Denver (see the Contributors page for Ken’s bio).

European Investment Project Portal

The EIPP is a central EU project promoting platform which aims to create a bridge between EU project promoters and investors. The Portal seeks to boost the visibility of existing EU investment opportunities. EU project promoters can reach potential investors worldwide, while investors who are looking for investment opportunities in areas such as energy efficiency, transport, healthcare, renewable energy, broadband infrastructure or in financing are offered a broad choice of viable projects.

nonument 01 - McKeldin Fountain

The story of Baltimore’s McKeldin Fountain is an example of the escalating privatization of public spaces world-wide. In addition to being popular among local workers, tourists and residents from all over the City, the site is at a highly visible intersection in downtown Baltimore. This lead to the Square becoming an important site for protests, including Occupy Baltimore and Peoples Power Assembly. In 2013 the ACLU, on behalf of the Women In Black, won a civil suit naming McKeldin Square a model Free Speech Zone for Baltimore City’s public parks and Inner Habor.

Catapult Programme

The Catapult centres are a network of world-leading centres designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth. The Catapult network was established by Innovate UK.

Road Zipper

The Road Zipper System is designed to create a positive traffic barrier between opposing lanes of traffic and between motorists and construction work areas.
The Barrier Transfer Machine (BTM) laterally transfers the barrier wall, one lane or more, at speeds of up to 10 mph (15 km/h).  This allows the contractor to quickly reconfigure the roadway to meet changing traffic demands and at the same time expedite construction.

Oslo Airport City

Oslo Airport City will complement, reinforce and create synergies between the value adding establishments that already exist in the area, and be the driving force and engine to build a new city directly connected to OSL – Norway’s largest and Scandinavia’s second largest airport.

Citizen Innovation

All too often, smart city projects focus solely on technical solutions while failing to consider the input and impact on citizens. MK:Smart has turned this on its head and put citizens at the centre of smart city innovation, thus ensuring a bottom-up, community-driven input to the design of the project activities, complementing the top-down specification developed by the project team.

City parklets - citymaking!wien

CityMaking!Wien provides a new toolkit that make it easier for the people to conceive and build parklets in Vienna. A parklet transform the street into a social node where people can share with their neighboors. The webpage offers different tools that will help the user to conceive and build its own living room in the city! The basic requirements and guidelines to build parklets are also listed.  Whats more the parklet potential map helps the usre to see where it might be possible to build a parklet in their surroundings.