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Smart People

Project Discovery - analyzing COVID-19 data

The pilots of EVE Online now have the opportunity to help in analyzing COVID-19 data to help scientists' understanding of its impact on our immune systems. By playing Project Discovery, they will directly contribute to science. Players will achieve higher ranks through their efforts as well as receiving unique in-game rewards.

Through the use of the newly-developed flow cytometry simulators, the user will aim to contribute to decoding this debilitating pathogen.

Glasgow Operations Centre

Glasgow Operations Centre is a state-of-the-art integrated traffic and public safety management system, created with the aid of the Innovate UK funding. The new centre brings together Public Space CCTV, security for the city council’s museums and art galleries, Traffic Management and Police Intelligence.

The facility has the capability to provide a co-ordinated, real-time, intelligence-led, response to incidents large and small across the city, placing Glasgow at the leading edge of smart city management.

Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free Campaign

A new campaign backed by tourism businesses and local municipalities is aiming to eradicate single-use plastic from coastal areas – starting with the Ayia Napa, Protaras and the wider Famagusta region of Cyprus.

The campaign, “Keep Our Sand and Sea Plastic Free”, highlights the link between single-use plastics – especially from hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes – and beach and marine litter.

Action Against Corona

Action Against Corona gathers initiatives, partners, volunteers and talent. It connects initiatives with grants or investments. Ideas, projects and startups that do the most important work in the world right now get exposure. Their aim to increase the likelihood of success, and to mitigate the damage caused by this global crisis.

Trash Talk application

The City of Marietta wants to provide the highest level of service to their citizens and meet their trash and recycling needs and expectations. In order to better communicate with the residents  their IT department in conjunction with Recollect created a free app called "Trash Talk." This app allows customers to search for their addresses to see their collection schedule but it also allows them to schedule "out of the norm" pickup requests and have those requests added to their monthly bill if an extra charge applies.

Park 915 application

Park 915 provides a much better user experience, showing people in real time exactly where the available parking spots are in the city so that people can avoid the areas with no parking and drive directly to the streets where there are open spots, saving time and frustration. The new app allows users to pay right from their phones and receive alerts when the parking sessions are about to expire.

Breathe London

Breathe London combines state-of-the-art technology with new data analytics to better understand Londoners’ exposure to air pollution. Measuring harmful pollution at thousands of locations informs data-driven solutions to clean up our dirty air and foster healthier, stronger communities.

With cutting-edge sensor technology and research, Breathe London’s three complementary projects will help us understand what’s happening at the ground-level where people live, work and play.

Île-de-France Smart Services

Île-de-France Smart Services is a service platform developed by the Ile-de-France Region with and for Ile-de-France residents.

The idea of Ile-de-France Smart Services is simple: gather the large quantities of data produced by the Region and its partners, both public and private, and use this material to design and offer new services to make the daily life of Ile-de-France residents easier and more attractive and sustainable.

To ensure that these services meet the needs of users, the Region has chosen a co-construction approach.